behavior trumps personality

i4 Advantage and the Devine Group:

  • Identify key behaviors for your goal.
  • Measure your behaviors with the key behaviors for success. 
  • For teams building, cultural diagnosis, and individuals.
  • Statistical validity, reliability and regulatory compliance assured.



the purpose of i4 advantage

Identify and Measure Your Passion. Start with the professional diagnostic tool called, "True Power of Yes". We help you measure your level of desire to grow by using our proprietary "triple-psychological" tool called the "True Power of Yes". Firmly based on the principles of Neuro-psychology, the "True Power of Yes" is easy. Prioritize your individual and team goals at home, work, or school.  

Practice "Doing" to Achieve: i4 Advantage will support your development in the insight and skills necessary to achieve your goal as an individual, a team, or even a large corporation. We specialize in finance, banking, education, and healthcare. 

Knowledge-Based Actions Yield Results: Understanding each person's goals with clarity allows you to build valuable relationships that last. Communicate and build a more productive future and exciting culture than ever. Attract better candidates, hire employees that stay and perform well, promote powerful leaders, target new and profitable areas for development, and feel better as you do it. 

Advantage, LLC



The purpose of i4 Advantage is to instill the best executive knowledge and passion available in emerging adults, growing professionals, and established leaders. 

i4 Advantage is a Knowledge Leader in the field of modern development and sustainable improvement. Scientists, health care professionals, college students, and financiers all attest to the potential present in i4 Advantage's trademarked "Goal-Centered Management and Leadership" products and process.

In order for an individual, a business, or even a nation to prosper, four goals are foundational. Strong relationships, things to own and manage, money to earn, buy, and sell, and energy for good feelings and life itself. Our only true need is to pursue and reach goals.

i4 Advantage provides coaching, speaking, education, and training to identify and achieve those goals in a scientific and easy manner. Please, take a moment to explore more of this website and use the helpful information here in your way, for your results. Enjoy!


Expertise: Merger & acquisitions, Banking, corporate development, coaching,  human capital management, speaking, coaching, teaching.

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