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i4 Advantage and the Devine Group:

  • A source of competitive advantage since 1974. 
  • Corporate Assessment Power.
  • Advance toward your goal with the Power of smart analytics and healthy strategy.
  • Helps us all "pull together".



Into-great-ion covers all bases

Do you know what makes you tick and perform so well that others are in awe? Energy of Desire for...

i4 Advantage will devise plans to convey your special abilities so the successful team says, "Look at what we did." Then I will show you ways to make sure your position as leader is ultra secure.  

Advantage, LLC


Today's life and economy is in fast fluid motion and that creates challenges we address.

  • i4 Advantage presents the foundation for actions and training to make it "stick". Less than 20% of training and education in business "works" long term.
  • i4 Advantage solves this by integrating all your team's inner power, outer movements, stress that is sometimes evident between teams, and revealing the "map" around which all movement and insight happens. 
  • i4 Advantage solidly prepares the inside, outside, between, and around parts of each individual, group, leader, business, organization, and even nation. 
  • Once prepared, the strategic vision and differentiating variables can be pursued more and more effectively. 
  • "Now" consulting starts with a 45 minute, or shorter, discussion where your organizational "problem" is diagnosed and a solution is recommended.
  • The "real" work begins through presenting and applying the 4 foundational principles as described in the book "Getting Into-Great" (on the right side of this page). 
  • i4 Advantage covers and integrates 4 dimensions of all life: inside vision, outside action, resistance between actors, and the surrounding environment.
  • This is modern "systems" technology at work. Call today (917) 455-8646 

i4 Advantage exists to empower each person through
preparing a solid foundation upon which to build and grow
success. That foundation is universal while the success is
unique to each individual's vision, desire, and effort.